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I'm meeting Ozzy!

I sit down and read the paper yesterday (The East Coast Rocker), and saw an ad that read something like this: RESERVE OZZY'S NEW CD AND GET AN ARMBAND THAT GARANTEES YOU A SPOT IN LINE TO GET A PICTURE WITH HIM. So I'm like cool beans, I told Brian and he practically shitted a brick. We both walked around Vintage Vinyl (the funny thing about it was that I went there this weekend and before that I wasn't there for over a month, that is so not like me and that place) and we asked to reserve the CD and they gave us are armbands I was like "cool beans" Brian was acting like it was the greatest thing ever. Brian is the biggest Ozzy fan I know, he like worships him. So next Wednesday is my day with the Ozzman, wonder what I'll wear?
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