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Am I really like them?

Over the course of this week, again I'm thinking about me and greek life. At times I think it's crazy that I even sit and think about it this much. In many ways I am a lot like the brothers and in some aspects I am not. Diversity makes a group strong. Different view points can make a group strong ect... I think the thing that has triggered this doubt was what happened at the party on Tuesday. At first I was having great time, I felt really comfortable being around the brothers. I remembered their names and we just talked about a variety of things. In many ways it reminded me of my friends and aquiantnesses outside of college. I talked to the guys more than the girls from the sorority, I just wasn't really interested in any of them. Some of the girls there were gorgeous and most of them were just really pretty, but my high standards kicked in. I know what I want and it wasn't really any of them. Then Drew came up to me and said "Mark you see the people down here with boobs and legs? You should be getting to know them better and hooking up with them. We're saving a couple of them for you." He pointed out a couple of them. In some ways it was like he knew what was my type, dark hair, dark eyes and tan. I just told him I was just really shy. Then he said "Bro I'm shyier than you are and you're a better looking guy than I am and I've been with more ass than you have you got nothing to lose." Leaving that night I didn't think about it, but the next I did. Where is the respect for women with these guys? I've always showed a lot respect for chicks, I support them a lot, maybe in some ways I'm like a chick LOL. But really taking advantage of a girl drunk is not me at all. Just isn't. Right now it's like the brothers would like to get with anyone and Mark would like to get with some one. I'm not writing off the whole frat thing yet though, maybe not all of them are like that. The whole concept of a frat is cool with me to friendship, fun, and giving something back. It's just the women aspect I question, that might be the make it break it point for me.
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