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Song Lyrics

I'm currently in a conversation about song lyrics. About certain lyrics that make you want to throw out all of your writing b/c it sucks majorly compared to it. Recently it has been Thursday's "Understanding in a Car Crash," but in general I always refer to The Cure. Robert Smith some gifted depressed writing god, and even being happily married he can write more depressing, with more vision, color, and use of words than I could ever about a shitty relationship. If you want to read what I'm talking about check this out I say check out "A Forest," "Same Deep Water as You," "Pictures of You," and "The Kiss" those are my fav. lyrics of his.
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Deleted comment

hehehe cool beans
i agree, but as much as i love robert smith, my fave is still morrissey :)

though morrissey is rather melancholy than depressed i suppose