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I'm an emo kid!!!

I bought the new Jimmy Eat World album Bleed America and I can just say that it is my new favorite emo album. Passing Thursday's Full Collapse. Sorry Justin. hehehe. I downloaded some demos of Bleed America online and I thought the stuff was good but nothing I had to buy right away. So I was just walking around Vintage Vinyl (the best record store in Central Jersey hands down), and I picked up the CD saw a $8.99 price tag and all the sudden the really cute blonde punk girl who works there turns on "Hear Me You" I was like I have to buy this, and the fact the studio version blows away the demo version. They just added so much little elements to make it sound so beautifull and the line ". . . if you were with me tonight I'd sing to you just one more time a song for a heart so big god wouldn't let it live. . ." is almost haunting but at the same time I want to shed a tear. JEW lyrics aren't at the same level as say Thursday or Jets to Brazil, but they are so simple, diverse and so catchy.

I really think I'm turning into an emo kid. I always kinda grew up on the heavy side of things. I used to be a big metal, then moved into punk and hardcore, but emo suits me. I'm not saying that LOA (Joc in PA) and Helmet are not still 2 of my favorite bands of all time. They always will and they are in my car as I speak. That would have to be some act of God or in recent cases Allah to tell me they're not. LOL The thing with emo is it covers aspects of myself that I couldn't find music to describe with out going out and feeling like a wuss. Yes I listen to some chick rock but don't tell shhhhh. Emo makes me feel alright about being a small town, wide-eyed boy, who lives with my parents, commutes to college, questions life and authority, and wanting to breakout of all of that. I think emo reminds me how small I really am in this world, that being geeky is alright, and that nice guys do finnish last. As with metal I wasn't dark enough, with punk I was flamboyant enough, and with hardcore I wasn't angry enough in my personality. So maybe I'm an emo kid. But I remember were I came from screaming these voices from the underground.
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